Textbook on Spatial Justice

The results of the DDFV Symposia described in this website should lead to the design of a proposal for a handbook on Spatial Justice, connected to different issues relevant to the planning, design and governing of cities and communities. This happens also in framework of TU Delft partnership with UN-Habitat.

This caters to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

(4) Quality Education

(10) Reduced Inequalities

(11) Sustainable Cities and Communities

(13) Climate Action

(16) Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

The “Handbook on Spatial Justice” addresses the issue of socio-spatial justice and its relationship with key topics identified. Each key topic and its relationship to spatial justice is developed by one authority in the issue. WE have identified 45 issues that could be tackled in the handbook from several perspectives, but we have listed 4 perspectives that interest us more specifically. All issues are alternatively (1) societal processes, (2) societal issues, (3) theoretical issues, (4) tools for spatial justice.

Automation and economic changeProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
Big data + mappingTools for spatial justice
Climate ChangeProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
Collective imagination Theoretical issue
Communicative rationalityTheoretical issue
CommunityTheoretical issue
ConflictProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
DemocracyProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
DesignTools for spatial justice
Eco-systemsTheoretical issue
Environmental degradationProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
Environmental justiceTheoretical issue
EthicsTheoretical issue
GenderSocietal issue
GovernanceTools for spatial justice
HeritageSocietal issue
HousingSocietal issue
Informal UrbanisationSocietal issue
Landscape DemocracyTheoretical issue
ManagementTools for spatial justice
MigrationProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
MobilitySocietal issue
New UrbanismTools for spatial justice
ParticipationTools for spatial justice
Participatory budgetTools for spatial justice
Planning educationTheoretical issue
Planning methodsTools for spatial justice
Planning systemsTools for spatial justice
Progressive TaxationTools for spatial justice
Public goodsTheoretical issue
Public spaceSocietal issue
RaceSocietal issue
ResilienceTheoretical issue
Rise of populismProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
SanitationSocietal issue
Socio-technical transitionsTheoretical issue
Spatial PlanningTools for spatial justice
SustainabilityTheoretical issue
Technology (SMART?)Tools for spatial justice
CommonsTheoretical issue
 Right to the CityTheoretical issue
TODTools for spatial justice
Urban FarmingTools for spatial justice
UrbanisationProcesses that are connected to spatial justice
ValuesTheoretical issue
WaterSocietal issue